Saturday, October 20, 2007

Birthday Boy.

Today is my eldest grandson's birthday. He was born on the 20-10-1989. I did speak to him on the telephone at 9am uk time. Josh had not opened his birthday cards by then as he had only just got up out of bed. (lazy lazy). So i did my own things and went into town which is only a 20 minute bus ride from my home. When i came back the first thing that i had to do was to let out my two yorkies plus another yorkie that i am taking care of ( he is one of the pups that my yorkie had 2 years ago) because the family who own him have gone on holiday for two weeks. Ok enough about the dogs. I did talk to Josh a second time, he was more awake by then, and he had opened all his birthday cards. He told me that he got loads of money and other things. He was telling me that he was out in town with his friends last night and will be out tonight again. So i just said to him to be very careful about what he was doing. I also mentioned to him about all the things my eldest grandson is now abble to do, vote, go to the pub and buy cigs, (but he does not smoke thank God) and many other things aswell. I hope that you like what i have wrote. It is not the best that i have wrote so i will end this by saying goodbye to all who read this and anything else that is on my blogger bye to all.